Don’t Waste Your Light On Me

Let your eyes navigate you to the light, take it in and cultivate it, grow it. Turn it to something that was greater than yesterday and is awaiting the evolution of tomorrow. Sparkle the rays across your heart and let it glow. Let it glow like the furthest star in the universe burning bright for the rest of the universe to know that distance is just an illusion. Your light is sharp, some would say it’s crispy without being burnt. I would say I hope your light guides you but that would be too easy because I know your light will carry you across the tundra in your mind currently disguised as burdens. It will carry you across the harshest conditions that await you and it will lead you to eternal love. So please, whatever you do, don’t waste your light on me. Your lights destiny will carry you if you let it. Please allow it to do so.

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Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey


Photo Credit: @cameronmfahey

Laying in bed at night with a sliver of hope that one of these days you will recognize the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into my craft. The taunting process has taught me one of the most influential lessons my mind has yet to learn. An infinite amount of efforts can never earn validation through someone at a lower stage of consciousness than the consciousness of the efforts being given. The soul already knows this and acts in love no matter what. Like the last runner in the race, the mind plays catch up to learn the lesson. A disciplined mind will understand, a naive mind must mature through many generations to grasp this lesson. Simply allow your soul to hold your minds hand through this lesson for your mind is much too scared at this present moment to be alone.

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Bet I’d

Bet I’d skip the furthest rock,

Watch it trickle along the waters calm surface,

Bet I’d pitch a tent in the outback,

Watch it burn bright as it stands isolated in the most open territory,

Bet I’d watch the lion roam,

Watch it’s heart yell from the depths of its roar,

Bet I’d climb the tallest rock,

Sacrificing my body’s flesh,

Bet I’d travel through the darkest cave,

Sacrificing the foundation of security my mind has worked a lifetime for,

Bet I’d tell 100 people I love them,

Sacrificing the emotional constructs of abandonment my mind has looked so long to for protection,

Bet I’d kiss you,

Sacrificing our past and future,

Watching our present become one,

Bet I’d do it all,

Sacrificing comfort,

Opening love in the purest form!

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To do is to be, to be is to do

I wanted to be but didn’t know how,

so I started doing and this is what I found,

it’s okay to break free from your attachment,

when day in and day out you practice non-judgement,

its okay that person holds a grudge,

when you remind yourself not to judge,

it is inevitable to be in tune with the creator,

when you look within and release love to nature,

it is not hard to see that you were chosen,

when you get your feet wet and observe the ocean,

it makes sense when your heart starts to feel,

when you smell the flowers in the electric field,

it becomes clear that there is no king,

when you acknowledge the purity in every living thing,

it is not common to be impatient,

when you sit alone in silent meditation,

I wanted to be but didn’t know how,

so I started doing and this is what I found.

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I will Shine the Light until you are ready

I continued to shine a light for your soul to follow but your mind blocked the way. I know sooner or later your mind will allow your soul to follow this light but until then I can not stay and wait. I will however, leave the light on and check the batteries once a week for the light will always shine, and I will continue to come back because I will always be ready to greet your soul when your mind is ready to let your soul shine through!

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My Soul Mate

I’ve been waiting an eternity to hold you, to hold your hand and rub my skin against yours, the anticipation has shriveled my heart from the whopping size it once was, the patience I learned from this anticipation has allowed my soul to glow through the skin of my physical body. You have turned my flesh into that of an angel, and although I have waited an eternity to hold you, I would wait ten more to do it again, and then another ten to do it for a third time! You are my soul mate, I love you forever!

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Learn to touch you Soul

Learn to touch your soul,

Learn to nurture your body the same way you nurture your young,

Learn to respect yourself the same way you respect love,

Learn to be more aware of your mind,

Learn the stories of your loved ones,

Learn to act unconditionally,

Learn to be alone and whole at the same time,

Learn to touch your soul.

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