The Best Food Combinations for Optimal Health

In this informational blog post, you will learn how to create the best food combinations for optimal health. Since I support fasting for ultimate health and wellness, I believe careful food combining is essential to conserve healing energy for your body and your mind.

SAD – The Standard American Diet

We all know the drill.

You eat until you’re “full”, maybe even a little too much. Then you sit down on the sofa to watch your favorite show and enjoy a relaxing food coma. Everything feels “just right”.

For about thirty minutes, you feel satiated, full, and happy.

Then, “it” happens. You feel your stomach churn and now you are gassing uncontrollably. As your pain and discomfort worsen, you regret eating “too much”.

Of course, consuming too much food too fast results in a bloated, sick feeling. But more often, the culprit is our tendency to combine food incorrectly, not eating too much!

I know proper food combining is overwhelming at first, but you only need to remember three simple rules. Before you read on, I want to encourage you, as I always do, to love yourself. If you suffer from an eating disorder, for example, you might become obsessed and perfectionistic. While I don’t encourage moderation in most things, (I am an “all-in” kind of guy), I trust you to follow your heart and listen to your body.

Three Rules For Healthy Food Combining

Rule One: Never Mix Proteins with Carbohydrates

Proteins are broken down with acid digestive enzymes and carbohydrates are broken down with alkaline digestive enzymes. Consuming proteins and carbohydrates at the same time stops proper digestion. Your body produces acidic enzymes to break down proteins and alkaline enzymes to break down carbohydrates. Since these enzymes are neutralized by each other, the digestive process grinds to a halt. As your digestion slows down, putrefaction and fermentation begin. (yes those words are as bad as they sound)

These unhealthy digestive lapses cause bloating, gas and the “stuffed” feeling in your belly.

Rule Two: Never Mix Fruits With Other Foods

Fruits digest very quickly. For this reason, proponents of proper food combinations recommend eating fruit at least twenty minutes before a meal or a few hours after.

When you consume fruits with slower digesting foods like proteins or complex carbohydrates, your body fails to digest the fruit properly. The sugars in fruit ferment in your gut, raising blood alcohol levels and causing digestive distress.

To avoid this potentially harmful situation, consider an all-fruit meal. For an even easier digestive process, make a whole meal of just one kind of fruit. Eat three apples for breakfast, a half melon for lunch or a whole pineapple for a delicious dinner.

Nothing is simpler to digest than a mono-fruit meal (eating one fruit at a time). After a simple delicious meal of all fruit, you’ll feel energized and light instead of sluggish and heavy.

Rule Three: Never Combine Melons With Any Other Food.

High water content, soft texture and other factors make melons one of the easiest and quickest foods to digest. All varieties of melons contain many nutrients critical for better health; You can enhance the nutritional value of this super fruit by never combining melons with other types of fruits or slower digesting foods.

Following is a guideline to clarify the importance of careful food combining.

Five Tips For A Healthier, Happier Life

  1. Keep your diet simple to keep life simple and happy
  2. Being happy when you eat makes the digestive process easier. (Being upset elevates stomach acids, which can neutralize digestive efforts and create unhealthy acidosis.)
  3. Relax while you’re eating and enjoy your food. Your body will thank you for extra energy for digestion.
  4. Chew foods slowly and well. Remember, the first stage of digestion takes place in your mouth
  5. Don’t drink with meals. Drinking with meals neutralizes essential enzymes, interfering with healthy digestive functions.

“Do your best to calm down before you eat. If you are upset, don’t eat!” – Kevin Kaczmarski

Friends, your body craves simplicity. The less food you combine at one time while eating, the better is it for your digestive process.

Your Body Craves Simplicity

  • When digestion is easier, energy is conserved for healing and movement.
  • When energy is conserved for energy and movement, you feel lighter.
  • When you feel lighter, you feel happier.
  • When you feel happier, the people around you feel happier.
  • Happy people are motivated to practice self-care and compassion.
  • As you heal, the world heals.

As you heal, the world heals. – Kevin Kaczmarski

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi

In conclusion, proper food combining not only eliminates bloating and gas, but it is the first step to elite health and total wellness. When we combine the right foods, we set our body in motion for free and easy digestion.

Remember, less is more. Keep it simple and take it easy.

Enjoy a simple healthy meal and start your healing journey today!

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