The moment was never dull, and although I couldn’t thank everyone for their impact on my life for the past 30 years, I could allow them to feel my energy. A middle ground of energy, somewhere between the vast blue sky and the radiant rays emitted from the sun. I come here often to feel the mutual energies of the people on this planet, but more so to align myself, to ground myself. Detach myself from the little voice in my head, subtly bullying me in attempts to disapprove my worth. To break the reservoirs in my heart and allow the river to run free, like deer’s do in the wild. Some would say this spot is holy, some would say this spot is everything, I just call it paradise.

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Hello There

I can’t stop walking away from your future so I walk towards your past. The way your heart cries for love turns me into a magnet attracted to the helplessness you have learned. As you long for my presence, I try to run but I slip, I try to hide but I’m exposed. There is nothing left to do, I am meant to fix you, or at least help you. I sit here fully exposed, open enough to keep you from closing. I am here. Hello there.

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The City Pt.3

I was once invigorated by the way the buildings antennae’s hid behind the clouds. I used to think they were afraid to come out. The same way the man was afraid to show his love. He thought he didn’t deserve to show love, he didn’t know what it was like to love unconditionally. So he too would sympathize with the antennas instead ducking behind pillows and only expressing his real self when he was behind closed doors. He was all too familiar with the suppression’s of the city until the sun came out and the clouds went away. The antennas were fully exposed and he felt alone. No one left to sympathize with, no company left to share his misery with. He knew he had to grow, he knew he had to let his love shine. He stuck his head out the window and from the depths of his vocal cords screamed the biggest “I love you!!!” for the whole city to hear. His journey had started, transcendence was in his future.

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Order Here

I feel blue…order here

My feet itch…order here

I have a migraine…order here

I am depressed…order here

My anxiety is extreme…order here

My joints ache…order here

I’ll take four smiles, a full heart, and for the main entree I’ll take love…can’t order that here 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷‍♀️

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The City Pt. 2

Streets run longer, further, brighter and more alive than the fainting heartbeat in my chest. Maybe these streets can save me. I hope its vibes lift me, or at least lift my spirits to the unconditional motivation I used to generate, longing for forgiveness and the need to be relevant. My intention was to always be significant, but maybe I was stirred in the wrong direction. Maybe these streets can guide me to the significance I always strove to be. I will follow the signs of these streets, in hopes they lead me to a bigger truth. The stoplights will be my mentor. I will speed up when the light is green, with all my love that is currently being preserved in the core of my insecurities. I will slow down when the light is yellow, take it all in, acknowledge my gratitude. I will stop when the light is red, I will stop everything. Tell the girl I have known for so long, the same one I have countlessly smiled to as I laid in been dreaming. The same one that has uncovered the life in me. The life that had been lying dormant underneath the flesh of my skin since the last time I saw her. I will not only stop and tell her I love her, but I will tell closest loved ones that I love them as well. I will tell them two times, maybe even three. I will even go out of my way to tell them. The red light will allow me to marinate in love. Then when the light turns green, I will do it all again. Streets run longer, further, brighter and more alive than the fainting heartbeat in my chest. Maybe these streets can save me. I know they will.

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The City Pt. 1

In a city full of burdens, he reaches out and breaks free from the 22nd floor of the ballroom meeting. Filled with bosses and clients who hide from their own burdens, it is no wonder they all reside in the city. Masking the pain of the past, the city drowns them in uncertainty. The minds engulfed with the anxieties of making it to the train station on time, earning a big raise in their job, and making it to grandma’s house on time to play cards because she is one of the last things that makes them feel like a kid again, they cling to the one thing they need the least. If I can just make a little more money, everything will fall into place, thought the middle aged man who has been working at the same job for the last 20 years. Society has showed him that the green paper with a face printed on it is the end all be all, but this time he is tired. It has been a lifetime and he still hasn’t stopped to take a breath, he can’t stop running from commitment. He has seen smiles turn to stones, mostly so in himself. He wants change but the city lights are so bright and the breeze from the lake is so perfect as the hair follicles on his skin dance to the wind. The big fluorescent pizza shop sign on the corner brings him back to his childhood. The same pizza parlor he ate at with his cousin every Friday night before they hit the town in attempts to get lucky. He is too comfortable, comfortable of running to death and cheating life. In a city full of burdens, he reaches out and breaks free from the 22nd floor of the ballroom meeting. He looks out the window, he is okay, his life is okay, he will do the same thing next week.

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Kisses come in Pairs

Surrounding my presence in gasoline,

Fire and flames hold me hostage,

Crushing softly,

Chilling loudly,

They all knew that you were going to do what you chose,

They said you fooled me until I stood at your front door weightless,

Unmasking the flaws in your heart was courageous,

They said good things come in moments,

I told them kisses come in pairs!

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