Learn to touch you Soul

Learn to touch your soul,

Learn to nurture your body the same way you nurture your young,

Learn to respect yourself the same way you respect love,

Learn to be more aware of your mind,

Learn the stories of your loved ones,

Learn to act unconditionally,

Learn to be alone and whole at the same time,

Learn to touch your soul.

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Independent Love>Codependent Love

I was better at giving you love, I was better at healing you, I was better at telling you everything was going to be okay.

Now I give myself love, now I am better at healing myself, now I know everything is going to be amazing!

I gave myself love and I loved you more.

You are the light of this world, just like me!

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Eternal Love for the Soul & Mind

Eternal love is already written. It is already understood and at a mutual agreement with your soul. When it comes to this your mind has a hard time catching up. Although the mind craves comfort, it also craves eternal love. The mind will do everything it can to keep you safe and comfortable because it loves you, however, sometimes we need to treat our mind the same way we treat a little kid. Give the mind unconditional love, love it to death, acknowledge what it is saying. But when it comes to making decisions for us, let that part be, for the mind is still naive and does not know the purest form of eternal love. It will learn in due time and quiet down when it is ready, but until then it will continue to be loud and tell you things you know may not be truth. Be there for it and support it along the way but understand it is still learning eternal love, something your soul knew a long long time ago.

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If your Love was a House

If your love was a house…

I would retire in it,

I would have slumber parties so people can experience the joy I feel,

I would install the safest security system so I would never see it broken,

I would present the interior and exterior with colors of joy,

I would fill the yard with plants so you would stay fresh forever,

I would come home when I’m feeling weak because the walls inside always ground me,

I would cherish it forever,

I would raise my kids in it,

If your love was a house!

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Never far away

The waist line of your mind was shedding toxic from your heart. You sat quietly in a world that spun in circles around the sun. The proudness in my heart reciprocated the love that you were. Calling my name, my ears didn’t hear but my spirit did. You were always there, you never left. You were never far away.

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Losing you

I never knew how powerful the sensation of your finger tips brushing along my skin was until they were gone.

The absence of your familiar warm voice leaves my heart empty and dry.

Step by step, my body feels artificial without your soft radiating smile complimented by your sparkly white teeth.

Losing you was like trying to walk without feet.

I walk empty,

And miss you like rainy days miss the sun.

I love you.

I miss you.

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