Greetings From The Divine, Purely Devoted To The Highest

Someone offered you something, you weren’t sure what it was, but it felt right. The feeling felt so familiar, comparable to the first time you heard your favorite song. The beat was different, the drums in a synchronous pattern giving way to a unique melody your ears interpreted and would later define as beautiful. In these moments, your heart overtook your mind as your heart moved at the speed of light while your mind stood light years away moving at the speed of sound. The heart and gut work on a divine level, like two peas in a pod on the most bountiful plant deep in the fields of India. The heart and gut clap hands because they know they are moving with divinity in the highest, while the mind plays catch up. The mind doesn’t mean to, but it grows timid, it doesn’t understand what the gut and heart salivate over, so it puts up layers, walls of defense shielding your soul from the highest purpose. This might be okay as long as consciousness is aware of the minds insecurities and fears to be vulnerable, to fully surrender.

As the clock hands do laps around the center, how could you have been mad when the song sounded so fresh? What was your mind afraid of? Let it go, you will get back to the rhythm, the sound, the smile.

You knew you were never gonna live without everything, so you didn’t let things that weren’t whole take you down. Instead you recognized these incomplete entities as parts of the bigger purpose who were only looking for acceptance and guidance, a connection.

If the trees don’t bloom do we become stagnant? If one stops growing do we all stop growing? A tree in a drought is no different than a man without fruit. Overtime the tree becomes accustomed to a life with little water, stagnation becomes its norm and it forgets that at one point in its life, it thrived. It took a thunderstorm to wake, to bring it back to divinity in the highest. This is no different than man hitting rock bottom, to bring himself up from the hole and to come back to the awareness that there was a time where he once thrived. Even though he is permanently there, he can align himself with the most awareness as he devotes himself to the highest.

If one tilts, inevitably we lean. If one jumps, inevitably we skip. If one runs, inevitably we move faster. Some say inner peace is rare, the wise will say inner peace just is.

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