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The Most Loving Way To Break A Fast For Your Body

In this informational blog post, you will learn the most loving way to break a fast for your body. To ensure success, you must follow the proper steps to come off a fast for ultimate health and vitality.

Fasting is like most achievements in your life, challenging in the beginning, easy as habits develop in the middle and most challenging after you’ve succeeded. This is why mental and physical preparation is so important for any lasting success.

Even with surgery, maintaining weight loss is not easy according to this article by Marschall S. Runge. 70% of people who win the lottery are broke within 3-5 years.

Accountability by texting or sharing with a friend helps greatly with discipline when you are ready to end your fast. Environment always trumps will power.

When you need will power the most, you have the least amount. Most of us can’t do this alone. After all, desire for food is the strongest desire we have. Yes, food is even more tempting than sex, money, or drugs for most of us! 

“The desrire for food is the strongest urge we have, and is even greater than the sexual drive,” – Steve Meyerowtiz.

Since breaking the fast properly is critical for success, carefully read this blog post all the way through. Together, we can prepare for a joyful end to your fast!

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Know When To Stop Your Fast

Choosing the incorrect time to break your fast can be a deal breaker. When you stretch your fast too long, many problems occur. Your body does not follow a calendar, so stretching a fast too long can result in problems when your fast ends. Stretching the body beyond its needs can cause a rebound effect during the re-feeding period.

You’ll be tempted to eat far too much too fast if you extend the length of your water fast, juice fast, or dry fast. Therefore, you must always listen to your body. Your body will tell you when it is time to break a fast.

Listen To The Body

  • Recognize your interest in food when it occurs
  • Stop the fast when the desire for food returns
  • Your body will guide you in specific ways
    • Desires to chew food
    • Constant curiosity about the food on your friends’ plate
    • Wondering what’s on the menu (scrolling through food websites, seeing what’s in the fridge, etc.)
  • If these signals continue to persist for the whole day, your body is telling you it’s time to break the fast

Listening to your body allows you to complete your fast in a disciplined healthy way.

Real Hunger vs Temptation

For the simple reason that our minds will tell us we’re hungry because we want to mindlessly eat, it is important to know the difference between real hunger and the hunger made up in our minds also known as temptation.

Real hunger is hard to ignore and once we ignore it, we are no longer fasting but starving. Starving occurs when the body truly needs food and cannot get it. When the body is starving, it wants to build its energy back up again, and seeks amino acids to do so.

When the body is fasting, it is cleansing and eliminating harmful agents. A fasting diary can be used to track food cravings and impulses. You can use a simple journal or a notebook for your fasting diary. Some helpful ideas to include are listed below. Remember to write an affirmation or thought to hold onto each day.

For example, “I am love”, “I am loved.” ” This moment is the best moment ever.” “Love Is Now.”

Fasting Diary Can Be Used To:

  • Track food impulses
  • Record cravings for solid food
  • Record time of the day cravings occur
  • See trends in craving
  • Distinguish between temptation and real hunger
  • Observe hunger trends
  • Guide you to the right time to break the fast

The Three Phases To Introducing Solid Foods

Phase 1

First stage of introducing solid foods back into your diet:

The first foods you should consume when breaking a fast should be soft, high water content fruits. Heavier fruits such as bananas are heavy and starchy with a low water content and should not be the first foods to break your fast.

Same goes with dried fruits as these do not have a high enough water content. These foods should be consumed in phase 2. Eating fruits with a higher water content will help stimulate your appetite and prepare the system for heavier solid foods.

The best foods to break a fast with are listed below. My favorite is pineapple, melons or grapes. Always choose organic when you can.

Best Foods To Break A Fast – Phase One

  • Watermelon
  • Papaya
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Grapes
  • Peach
  • Pineapple
  • Cantaloupe
  • Mango
  • Other Melons

Amount Of Food And Eating Approach

A fasting stomach is a sleeping stomach, glands that produce digestive juices are relaxed and are not in a place of production. Your stomach has not only been sleeping, it has shrunk. The amount of food we throw back into our sleeping stomach and our approach in doing so should be monitored closely while we break our fast.

How To Awaken Your Body Safely After A Fast

  • Make sure you sit while eating for better and easier digestion
  • Do everything slowly, sip your soup and chew pulpy juice
  • Never rush the refeeding process
  • Don’t push the body to return quickly to full capacity, let your body follow a natural schedule. Listen to your body!
  • Ease your body back into physical activity very slowly
  • As taste sensations return, monitor your portions carefully
    • Don’t let your anxiety to eat overcome you
    • Don’t let prior eating arrangements (going out to dinner with friends, etc.) wreck your progress. Order water or fruit if you can.
    • Listen to your stomach, gurgling sounds or feel bloated feelings are indicators to slow down or eat less

Methods For Phase 1

  • Nibble
  • Feed self like a baby
  • Eat small amounts every hour or two
  • Follow an eating schedule
  • Create a menu for the first day or two
  • Eat the simplest foods
  • Avoid food combining

Furthermore, the duration of the dry, water, intermittent or juice fast determines how long it takes for the digestive system to be turned back on in the post fast phase. Building the digestive system can take from one day to one week depending on the length of the fast.

For someone who has gone on a 10 day fast, the first 5 days after the fast should be foods from phase 1. The next 5 days should be phase 2 foods. Then after 10 days of phase 1 and 2, they can start introducing foods back in from their original diet.

For breaking a three day fast, I recommend phase one on day one, phast two on day two and phase three on day three. Keep it simple!

Phase 2

The digestive system has turned back on and you are able to begin consuming heavier foods. This is the transition phase from phase one light high-water-content foods to foods from your normal diet. These foods are listed below.

Best Foods To Break A Fast – Phase Two

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Avocados
  • Sprouts
  • Kelp
  • Olive Oil
  • Almonds
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Dried Fruit
  • Tofu
  • Vegetable Soups

Best Foods To Break A Fast – Phase Three

When you feel your digestive system is working properly and your body is adequately energized, you’re ready to reintroduce grains, starch vegetables, and cooked foods. Dairy and animal products can be reintroduced as well, but remember, these foods are clogging to the digestive system and cause high levels of acidosis.

CAUTION: Be careful with deep fried foods such as French fries or dairy such as high fat cheese. Foods with processed sugars should be consumed very minimally or not at all. The benefits of your fast can be reversed if you go back to eating a diet high in mucus forming foods! (Meat, Dairy, processed foods).

Breaking a fast correctly is critical; the time after your complete your fast is absolutely the most dangerous part of the fast.

Possible hazards of Breaking A Fast Incorrectly

  • High levels of stress on heart, liver, lungs, and other vital organs
  • Reversal of fasting benefits
  • Shock to your system, resulting in potentially serious health conditions

Three days fasts are a good idea, since you do not have to be as cautious about breaking the fast as people who have fasted for 30 days or more.

Even though you may feel like you’re on cloud 9 nine when your body breaks a fast with cooked foods, this satisfaction will be short lived. Once the digestion process begins, you’ll feel energy being used for digestion instead of healing. Our taste buds are always ready for food, but our digestive system is not.

Safety Precautions

The healing power of fasting is second to none, but experts recommend a slow build up to longer fasts. Start with a one-day juice fast, then work up to a three-day fast, then a seven-day fast. This will prep you for a longer term fast correctly without putting yourself in danger by carrying out incorrect fasting methods.

Success Is Determined By How You Break Your Fast

In the end, your success is determined by how well you break your fast. Don’t let three days of healing on a fast go down the drain by breaking your fast incorrectly.

Breaking your fast correctly takes dedication and willpower, but when done correctly, you’ll enjoy all the incredible benefits of your fast. Practice with a one day fast soon and best of luck on your fasting journey!

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Fasting, The Missing Love To Complete You

In this educational blog post about fasting for ultimate health and wellness, you’ll learn about dry fasting, water fasting, and juice fasting. Many people appreciate the weight loss experienced when fasting, but fasting offers far deeper benefits which last long after the extra weight is gone.

When we fast, we don’t just lose weight; We heal our body, mind, and spirit with fasting, the missing love to complete you.

We Heal Our Body

 3 Way In Which We Heal Our Body

  • Reverse the process of aging
  • Eliminate symptoms of disease
  • Heal past traumas and injuries

We Heal Our Mind

3 Ways In Which We Heal Our Mind

  • Total clarity allowing for rational thinking
  • Shed emotional burdens
  • Clear obstructions and emotional constructs

We Heal Our Soul

3 Ways In Which We Heal Our Soul

  • Align ourselves with nature
  • Strip ourselves of attachments
  • Move through love and forgiveness

While the physical benefits of fasting (weight loss, weight maintenance, toxin removal) are well-known, the reason I want you to fast is simple; Fasting removes mental, physical and spiritual barriers, allowing you to align yourself with your true purpose. We slowly strip away layers of unhealthy attachments and identities, getting closer and closer to a view of ourselves as genuine beings who deserve nothing but the highest forms of love.

According to many experts and scientific research, fasting improves physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Link to article improving physical health click here.

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Benefits Of Dry Fasting, Water Fasting, And Juice Fasting Include…

  • Increased Energy
  • Sharpened sense of taste, hear, and smell
  • Soft, clear skin
  • Clarity in thinking
  • Anti-aging and increased vitality
  • Disappear gray hairs
  • Heal past injuries or body traumas
  • Alleviate symptoms of disease
  • Normalize blood sugars
  • Thickened hair
  • Deeper relationship with god and nature
  • Expanded happiness and vibrancy
  • Weight Loss
  • Many, many more

What Is Fasting?

Fasting is an ancient practice, with records dating all the way back to the 5th century. Hippocrates prescribed abstinence from food or drink to alleviate illness symptoms in his patients. We can find many examples of spiritual fasting in ancient religious teachings.

  • During Ramadan, Muslim people abstain from food and drink from sunup to sundown.  Muslims believe fasting brings their body and soul closer to God.
  • Spiritual yoga teachers believe in purifying the body through mindful eating, dietary restrictions, yoga exercises, and fasting.
  • Faithful Christians practice fasting to bring them closer to Jesus and His teachings. According to the Bible, Jesus fasted 40 days while Satan tried tempting Him to no avail.
  • Animals naturally fast when they are sick or injured, depriving themselves of food and water to maximize the healing process.
  • People in all walks of life fast for many reasons, including clarity of purpose, renewed vigor, and peace of mind. 

Why You Should Fast

Let’s take a closer look as to what happens to the body when we fast.

Fasting Benefits The Body

When it comes to healing, nothing is quite better at it than the body. Yes, our bodies can heal anything. In order for the body to go through with this miraculous feat, we must get out of our body’s way.

We must remove all obstacles so the body can naturally eliminate built-up toxins. These harmful chemicals have been floating around since the Oscar Mayer hot dog you ate when you were in third grade and the milkshake you scarfed down when you were finished with soccer practice.

Not only must we remove all obstacles, but we must pump the brakes on everyday stressors.

Take a break from the gym. Put down the dumbbell and give the bicep a break, give your body a rest. Physical activity taxes our body in times of healing. Refrain from anything causing mental or emotional stress.

Nonetheless, our bodies are incredible machines in nature, but they aren’t unbreakable machines. Like most things, our bodies have limits. As we ingest artificial colors, preservatives, pesticides and other toxins, we grow ill. Fasting eliminates this toxic build up from our body.

Toxins Eliminated By Fasting
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Colors
  • Preservatives
  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Rancid oils
  • Other indigestible chemicals

The health benefits of fasting restore optimal function to your gastro-intestinal tract, skin, lungs, liver, and other vital organs.

Symptoms Of Healing During A Fast

Detox symptoms surprise many people when they fast. While you might think of the common cold as a nuisance, during a fast a cold is an indicator of your body’s efforts to  discharge toxins and restore optimal health. Other symptoms such as minor aches and pains and reduced energy may also be detox symptoms. For more information on this, check out the book Juice Fasting and Detoxification by Steve Meyerowitz.

Different Types Of Fasting For Ultimate Health And Wellness

There are many different types of fasting. People have done rice fasts, grain fasts, and intermittent fasts. For optimal healing though, we will stick with dry fasts, water fasts, and juice fasts.

Note: Water fasting and dry fasting require mind/body preparation. If you’re not properly educated, don’t jump into a dry, water, or juice fast. If you’ve suffered from an eating disorder, be cautious. Talk with a trusted professional and do some research before jumping in. For more detailed information on the right way to prep for a fast click here.

  1. Dry Fasting (The Ultimate Healer) – Refraining from all food and water, you must make sure you have proper knowledge before tackling this ultimate form of healing, Many people believe one day of dry fasting has the healing power of a three-day water fast.
  2. Water Fasting – Consuming only water for an extended period of time. 
  3. Juice Fasting – Consuming fresh squeezed or pressed fruit juices and water, no solid foods
Green Drink: 4 Organic Gala Apples, 2 Lemons, 1 Bushel Organic Kale, and 1 Organic Cucumber

Beauty of Fasting

Fasting is simple. Fasting for ultimate health and wellness requires no fancy remedies or trips to exclusive stores. Best of all, fasting is free. Simply put, you’re basically practicing abstinence to the core. Most of us have been taught to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks in between.

When I played baseball for the New York Mets, I ate more than 4000 calories a day. Believe me, I know fasting can seem wacko at first.  It’s actually hard for me to describe the benefits of fasting; for me, the word miraculous comes close.

“Words can’t describe the benefits of fasting, ‘miraculous’ comes close,” – Kevin Kaczmarski

Don’t trust me, trust the process, trust your body, trust yourself. Good luck with your fasting journey!

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The City Pt. 8

The city teaches shallow. If only I was as gorgeous as it, then people would love me. They would love me not for what I am, but they would love me for what I am worth. They would love me for the the things I own. They would love me for how I look. They wouldn’t love the deep depths of me I carry around on a daily basis. They wouldn’t love me for the battles in my head I have countlessly won day after day. They would love the surface. To them that is enough, to them they would die for that. The city doesn’t cheat artificial validation, but it does give glimpses of hope. Maybe if we swam to the center and understood the intentions of the foundation it was built on. Maybe if we looked at the ideas behind the madness and unmasked the core. Maybe too, we will glow like the city. We will stand out and reflect rays of sunshine the way the glass buildings do so on a breezy summer night. Maybe letting go is all we need. Maybe internal reflection is the key. Maybe dreams do come true. In the city I know they do.

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It’s Fine I Never Needed Them Anyway

It’s fine, I never needed them anyway can only take you so far its best to put down that drink and remove yourself from the bar.

It’s only a matter of time til your pride runs out of stamina and your ego hits a wall, when the day is said and done it is up to your heart to be the one to call.

Although they weren’t always fair, they were always there.

The things they did were not okay but they still were there to say hello how was your day?

Running to peace, you went the wrong way. Unlimited attempts to keep painful thoughts at bay.

You were avoidant, you put on a front, you made excuses, you weren’t upfront.

You were in an uncontrolled spiral, looking for home base. It took you years and years to decide you wanted to go the right way.

Thoughts grew darker, heart grew sharper, everything you thought you were no longer defined you, god by you side, you no longer hide, it has always been you two, together you will surrender to the heavens above and allow forgiveness to smother you with love.

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My Independency Was Your Grounding

Dirty influences and a bottle of wine. Hard to keep you out of my mind, I still fall asleep. You couldn’t afford sobriety, addictions made you broke. Take what you need, I’m steady, take what you want, I’m golden. Convincing myself til night rolls around and the dusk offers loneliness. The sun gone, I stay lit, a bright candle. You use me to read, to learn, I guide you relentlessly, I almost forget to guide myself. A codependent light can only go so far until the light centers itself back on its source and regains its virility. Like an island filled with brush, I center myself from all lacking energies. My independency becomes your grounding, I hope you grow, I hope you dream, I hope you learn. Bask yourself in ambition, be my twin, grow next to me. I want to see you dance, like the last flower in the field, roots too strong to decay, forever standing sturdy. You will be the lesson for the next, a key for the broken door, opening the fences in minds that have kept their truest selves hidden from the light. You will transform the world, I will give you the energy!

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5 Times Out Of 10

5 times out of 10 I dream of a memory with you. The other half I wonder, in efforts to get back to the fantasy. A perfected plan for perfection, take me back to nostalgia. Copy and paste my past memories to my present state and carry it into my future until all of it is smothered and decorated with the purest form of love. When all is achieved, I will be, we will all be.

Passage & Image: ©Copyright 2019, Kaz’s Blog