Water Fasting, The Missing Piece To Your Spirit

Read this blog post to learn the basics of water fasting for ultimate health and optimal wellness.

Water fasting is a demanding task, one requiring strict limitations and discipline. A water fast seems simple, but you need to prepare your body and your mind before you begin the healing process of fasting.

7 Basic Requirements For Fasting Success

  • A stress free schedule
  • A schedule where you can attain plenty of bed rest
  • A sanitary environment to rest in such as a clean bedroom or a clean living room
  • Silence – I recommend meditation practice. Wherever You Go, There You Are By Jon Kabat-Zinn, is a great book if you’d like to learn more about meditation.
  • Abstinence from electronics – Remember, you are uprooting past emotions, and overuse of electronics will suppress this life-changing healing process
  • Plenty of sun; If you live in a cold climate, open your blinds and get as much natural light as possible. Visit Verilux.com to learn about the benefits of happy lights, which can be a helpful ally in your fasting journey.
  • Prepare to drink one glass of water every hour. This quantity is recommended by some experts; However, your body knows best, so listen to your body and drink the amount of water appropriate for you.

Although you can drink any type of water on a water fast, we recommend drinking distilled water or reverse osmosis water for the best results. Remember, the goal of water fasting is to purge your body of toxins so drinking clean water is most beneficial to your bodies.

For more in-depth details on how to prepare for a water fast, click here.

What Happens In Your Body When You Engage In A Water Fast?

  • Catabolism is your body’s process of breaking down and cleaning up. Fasting enhances this process; normally your body experiences higher levels of catabolism while you are sleeping.
  • Catabolism usually slows down in the daytime as you use energy for digestion and recovery from exercise.
  • When you rest and fast, you put a halt to these stressors, allowing your body to undergo catabolism during daytime.
  • Feeding your body only water allows your body to concentrate energy on healing.
  • Energy normally used for digestion available for use in your immune, lymphatic and glandular systems, creating high levels of body cleaning and purging.
  • Ultimately, we are able to remove high levels of stored toxins, mucus, and inflammation.

The benefits are endless when our bodies are in a fasting state and they can be seen here.

Who Should Vs Who Shouldn’t Take On A Water Fast

Like I mentioned earlier, water fasting is a strenuous task requiring high levels of discipline and dedication. Even though everyone can benefit from water fasting, it is not meant for every stage of life.

For an average individual, water fasting can give energy, but it is not recommended for highly depleted individuals following an unhealthy lifestyle. You must build up your health before beginning a water fast.

Unlike juice fasting, we are depleting our bodies energy source so our body must work with the energy it already has. Individuals who improve their health with a diet of raw fruits and vegetables are most ready to gravitate towards a water fast.

You Should Participate In A Water Fast If You’re:

  • Cleaned of impurities
  • Built up on raw foods (fresh fruit and vegetables)
  • Seeking higher forms of consciousness
  • Gravitating towards spirituality

You Should Not Participate In A Water Fast If You’re:

  • Highly dependent on cooked foods
  • Going through a rough patch in life
  • Not emotionally stable
  • Addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc.

Listen To Your Body

Even though this should and shouldn’t list is a rough estimate of people who are ready vs people who aren’t ready to take on a water fast, it is important to listen to your body at all times; Your body will NOT steer you wrong.

Your body will tell you if you are ready to take on a water fast. Listen. Yoga and meditation can help you listen to your body. The skill of body awareness is critical for fasting success.

When coming off a prolonged fast, it is extremely important to come off the right way. Read this post and learn how to break a fast the right way.

Be Love

As a final point, always be love. Water fasting is an extremely uplifting process leading you to higher forms of enlightenment. Being love, being aware you are nothing but love will make your fasting journey easier.

Everything you thought you were was actually love manifested in you as something else. Allow love to carry you and let healing begin.

I hope your fasting journey is filled with love!

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