A Home Was Built

It sat heavy in my stomach, an emotion without a home. Begging it to leave, to abandon me, it sat idol, pinching at me with a fork, disrupting my every move. Running only took me so far, it was not working anymore since no matter how far I ran it always caught me bringing me back to the same spot. Kneeling down on one leg, I forfeited. The emotion stood, demanding attention, demanding to be felt. It dispersed its presence starting in my mind, carrying itself through my heart all the way down to my legs. The feeling was unique, a little bit of sadness followed by a lot of happiness. A home was built as I felt weightless, with the most clarity I have had in a while. Life is good!

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    1. You stand correct, if we can just feel them at all times without suppressing them we would be good but that can be challenging sometimes especially in today’s society!

  1. It’s so easy to write and it doesn’t have to be your story, it can be anybody’s. But when you write your own story it reads with so much more meaning, thanks for sharing this!

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